Poetry is Weird…

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Isn’t Poetry weird?

You can euphemistically express what you once feared,

Without having to worry about being jeered.

 For a poet, Just saying your in love is too boring;

After all, why just say “I’m in love”, when you can say, “Her eyes hath set my heart a galloping.”  

In poetry your not excited, that’s not nearly expressive enough;

According to poetry your excitement is the result of the beat of a butterfly’s wings on your beliefs.

And if your sad, or mad, or really just feeling down you have to exaggerate;

Poetry LOVES to make a small matter seem large, and your emotions are always in charge.

Isn’t Poetry just flat out weird?



Model U.N. Position Paper

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Heres one of my position papers I’ve been working on for model U.N. Its a little sneak preview of what to expect from Russia next week!


I.) Military Dimensions of Syrian Conflict 


The Russian Federation is deeply concerned by the ongoing civil war in Syria, and wants nothing more than peace in the region. Our backing of the president Bashar al-Assad’s government with the supplying of conventional and primarily defensive weapons since the beginning of the conflict in 2011, displays our firm belief that peace will come with the prevalence of al-Assad’s regime. With casualties rising over 160,000 in number, and the conflict catalyzing violence in neighboring regions such as Iraq and Lebanon, the Russian Federation strongly believes that the Syrian rebels must be put down, and peace must be restored to the region. Due to strong evidence linking the central Syrian Rebel group, the Supreme Military Command, to the Al-Qaida affiliated associations Jabhat al-Nusra, and the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria, the Russian Federation believes backing the rebels would be foolhardy and contribute to nothing more than the bolstering of terrorism in the region; thus we firmly support the regime of al-Assad. The Russian Federation has worked closely with the Damascus government to rid themselves of chemical weapons and to affiliate them with the Chemical Weapons Convention. It is important to note that the Russian Federation does not condone the implementation of such unconventional war tactics as chemical weapons. With the Syria of Bashar al-Assad being a vital hub of Russian economic and political influence in the Middle East, it is imperative to the global agenda of the Russian Federation that the Damascus government remains in power.


Despite the Russian Federation’s firm support of the regime of Bashar al-Assad, it strongly supports Resolution 2118 (2013), which requires Syria to destroy its current stockpile of chemical weapons. The Russian Federation is steadfast in its rejection of unconventional arms such as chemical weapons. The Russian Federation also expresses support of Resolution 2139 (2014), which demands that all parties involved in the Syrian conflict allow humanitarian access in the region across conflict lines. As peace is the main agenda of the Russian federation, it sees no need to reject a resolution that urges mere humanitarian compliance. In addition to the previously mentioned resolution the Russian Federation supports the acts of the Chemical Weapons Convention; which strives to halt the production of chemical arms in Syria, disclose the location of its existing arsenal, and allow access to UN inspectors. 


With the ultimate goal of peace in Syria in mind, the Russian Federation urges other nations to follow its example and support the al-Assad regime and denounce terrorism. The supporting of Syrian rebel groups by Western and European powers with arms and diplomatic relations is a heinously naïve decision, as in arming and supporting the rebels, nations are arming and supporting Al-Qaida affiliated terrorist groups. In doing so nations are giving new- found strength and technology to the very terrorist groups they have spent decades combating. To achieve peace in Syria the General Assembly and the Security Council must continue to denounce the use of chemical weapons, and unite under a common goal to squander the Syrian Rebels and prolong the regime of Bashar al-Assad.  



Ridiculous Haikus!

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Fun Socks

Artsy Expression

Stemming from my lower toes

I am a goober


Fake Mustache

True men grow their own

Good thing I’m not a true man

Upper lip is fly



To throw through a wall

Would be to kind of an act

I FREAKING hate you



The Badass in us… a poem

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Here’s a poem dedicated to the badasses in this world! Shout out to Octavia’s blog post for giving me the idea!


                  The Badass in Us

We’ve all got a little bit of Super Man in us

Its just too many of us decide to moan and fuss.

Every one of us has that manly lumberjack side,

and secretly wants to grow a beard down to our thighs (don’t kid yourself ladies, you know you want to)

We could all be Kung-fu masters,

and make Wesley Snipes and Bruce Lee look like disasters.

Personally, I know I could give Terry Cruz some bruises,

I’m just to nice and don’t want to see him cry when he loses.

Sylvester Stallon’s Rambo has nothing on me,

My ultimate bunch would make him Pee.

Being a Badass isn’t easy,

sometimes you gotta act a little sleezy.

Really its all about the mentality,

Just ignore reality and talk like you’re one actuality.

Confidence will get you far,

until your trying to prove your badassery and get hit by a car… 

Or a train, a plane, or a bike while on a hike…

Or a pig tired of being a pet flying a high-speed jet.

No matter the case don’t fret,

For as Hollywood has taught us all,

Real Badasses never fall!




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Here’s a few haikus dedicated to my minivan…also known as the GCB!!!


How to “Rock” Driving a minivan

Manly mans worst fear

Takes your game to the next gear

No fear just embrace


Brotherhood of Van

Brotherhood of man

No, this is deeper than that

Brotherhood of Van


Rasta Van

Chilling in the van

Best of Bob in the speakers

Thank Jah for summer

Confusion Sucks…

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Confusion sucks:

Confusion can turn the most exhilarating experiences bland,

and can make you worried about where you stand.

Confusion sucks:

Even though everyone thinks you have it all,

confusion can make you afraid to stand tall.

Confusion sucks:

Confusion inevitably leads to self doubt,

which does nothing more then make a once strong will pout.

Confusion sucks:

You may have everything you ever wanted,

but confusion blinds you from what could be flaunted.

Confusion sucks:

From an outsiders standpoint your life may seem great,

but from confusion you have no escape.

While confusion sucks:

you can not let it conquer you,

as the confusion of today may be a prelude for the triumphs of tomorrow.

No matter the situation stay positive,

For that is the mentality that will truly allow you to live.

The Day You Died… Poem!

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Heres a poem about my grandma Pat who passed away from alzheimer’s just this past year! 


The day that you died I felt nothing but glee,

knowing that from the chains that bound you, you were free.

Reunited Again with your love from the past,

Oh how those twenty years must not have gone fast.

As your mental health made your body rot,

 a slot once filled with loved ones name’s was replaced by pains.

You did all you could do and remained forever true,

Never losing yourself as your self tried to lose you.

Oh the day that you died I felt nothing but glee, 

knowing that from the chains of alzheimer’s you were free.